Jewellery Makeover Service

Jewellery Makeover Service

Welcome to's re-commissioning of jewellery service! Do you have jewellery that you no longer wear, gifts you received but didn't like, or pieces that have become outdated or damaged over time? Don't let those treasures collect dust in a drawer - let us transform them into a stunning new piece that you'll love to wear!

Here's how it works: simply send us all of the jewellery you want to re-commission, regardless of its condition. We'll take care of the rest! Our team of expert jewellers will carefully evaluate each piece and use all of the stones and metal to create a unique design just for you.

We specialise in creating bubble-rings, a signature design that features a collection of small, sparkling diamonds or gemstones set in a dome-shaped ring. Our bubble-rings are a popular choice for re-commissioning because they allow us to use multiple stones of varying sizes and colours, creating a truly unique and eye-catching piece.

At, we are masters of CAD design and 3D printing. These advanced technologies allow us to create highly detailed, precise designs for your new piece of jewellery, and to share those designs with you in a photo-realistic video. so you can see exactly what it will look like. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new jewellery, so we'll work with you to make any necessary adjustments until you're completely happy with the design.

Here's how it works: after evaluating the jewellery you've sent us for re-commissioning, our team of expert jewellers will work with our CAD designers to create a 3D model of your new piece. Using advanced software, we'll carefully map out the placement of each stone, the shape of the ring, and all of the other details that make your piece unique.

From there, we'll get to work creating your unique piece. Our expert jewellers will carefully craft your bubble-ring using the stones and metal from your old jewellery, giving it new life and a fresh, modern look.

Finally, we'll deliver your new jewellery right to your doorstep. With just four weeks from design approval to delivery, you'll be wearing your stunning new bubble-ring in no time!

At, we're passionate about creating beautiful, high-quality jewellery that you'll treasure for years to come. Our re-commissioning service allows us to transform your old, outdated, or damaged jewellery into something new and special, tailored specifically to your style and preferences. So why wait? Send us your old jewellery today and let us create a one-of-a-kind piece that you'll love to wear!

CLICK THIS LINK and watch the video on how to send us your old jewellery