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The Billing Family Start in Diamonds

Diamonds, what a wonderful world to enter and that entire first week was all about how to use a jeweller's loupe ....... more

January2002 is launched

Originally designed as a trade service, because our roots are that of a manufacturer supplying the trade ....... more


That Dragons' Den Appearance

The largest ever offer made by Dragon's James Caan, Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones on the BBC Dragons' Den ....... more

June2018 Rebrand was certainly the right name to use in 2002, when the site and service was originally launched ....... more

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Why rebrand?

Do you really want your diamond ring and possibly the finest diamond ring you have ever seen* made by a company called
*a direct quote from our TrustPilot reviews

Read on ..........
True to say that we have had a love/hate relationship with our original brand name for years. However was certainly the right name to use in 2002, when the site and service was originally launched. Other Internet brands of the time included Yahoo, Google, and All departures from classic business names that proceeded the Internet. Wacky and memorable was the call in those far off early days of the 'net. The Oxford Dictionary of British Slang defines a Diamond Geezer as 'A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable; a gem of a man, a good solid reliable person'. So as well as being unforgettable the brand name did, by definition, deliver qualities and a mission statement that was and is what this family firm is all about. It's also true that at that time the jewellery industry saw the Internet as a down-market medium and we fully expected to be selling 'budget' diamond products circa 100 to 500 pounds. What actually happened took us all by surprise and at the end of the first year our average sale was £1,800 ($2,376).

How things move on
Our average sale now is £3,200 ($4,224)
£30,000 plus sales are a regular thing
Our largest single commission so far is £168,000 ($221,760)

Today's Business
Today we are a fine diamond jeweller, a designer and manufacturing jeweller offering unique opportunities, an amazing shopping experience and unquestionable, unbeatable value. That business meets two distinct needs.

  1.       1: An impartial certificated diamond comparison and buying service
  2.       2: An award winning jewellery design and manufacturing facility and service.

Our Diamond Comparison and Buying Service
The certificated diamonds listed on are populated by C.S.O (DeBeer’s) site holders using our very powerful, bespoke and exclusive software which we first started developing for the gems & jewellery industry in 1994. The site holders/cutters set the prices you pay for the loose diamond, we take a fee from them, rather than the traditional retail margin from you. The cutters can of course all see each other’s listings and can and do price aggressively to win the business. That makes a self-contained competitive arena. Our site and service provides you with a conduit directly to the diamond cutter, you cant get closer to the mine. A complicated algorithm scores the diamond supplier on several values which include price and efficiency. We arrange shipping, insurance and import and then make and set your loose diamond in an outstanding diamond ring or piece of diamond jewellery and because its made especially for you, she, he or you will be the only person to ever put it on, the only person to ever wear it.

Our Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Facility and Service.
Unlike our competitors, even the most upmarket brands, we DO NOT work from mass produced mounts, we make everything to made order. We master every piece and then we 3D print each item precisely to the dimensions of the diamonds and coloured gems selected or used. The difference in quality achieved is remarkable.

Who are we?
The Billing family have been in diamonds since 1968 and you are most welcome to talk to father, Clive or son Luke at any time. Indeed any of the specialist team are on hand to provide all the help and guidance you need, without obligation. Simply pick up the phone and dial 01451 810595.

Why we sell the items we sell
Appreciation, understanding and passion. We have surrounded ourselves, built our team

Where are we located?
The facetious answer to that is anywhere you have an Internet connection, you can use our service using a smart phone through to a desktop and as a 'people first' company let's chat. We may never meet but we talk to our clients often - much more frequently than the average shop. Our clients become part of the whole process, knowing exactly at what stage their special piece is at any time, tracking it on its journey through our workshop and being kept informed of progress at every step. That said online shopping is not for everyone and it is important that you are comfortable when making your purchase, you are most welcome to visit. We are based in Bourton-on-the-Water, do try the free phone/online consultancy. It's helpful, informative and impartial. Talk to a diamond expert as you sit at your computer, you will be amazed as to what we can show you, what we can share. 01451-810595

How long have we been in business?
50 years in diamonds, this father and son business made its online name as and has just rebranded as ComparetheDiamond with an online presence at This fine diamond design and manufacturing jeweller offers unique opportunities, an amazing shopping experience and unquestionable quality and value. TrustPilot’s top jeweller.

How long have we been running our online service?
Our very first website was a business-to-business diamond sourcing website and was launched in 1994, the very day the Internet went WYSWYG. Goodness, it was a lonely place for the first 6 to 8 years. True our industry initially saw the world wide web as a fad, an irritation and thought, may be hoped that it would go away. We became consumer facing in 2002 with the launch of

Who or what inspires us?
We design and make people's engagement rings their wedding rings and we specialise in eternity rings. What a privilege to create pieces of fine jewellery to mark such special occasions. Our clients inspire us; the delight that shows on their faces is inspiring, the whole procedure is inspiring.

What is the best advice we’ve ever been given?
Never cut a corner

What does the future have in store for
More of the same would be very satisfactory, but these are very exciting times for the business, the new website which taps into the world certificated diamond market is generating new export opportunities and new design technology and 3D printing is truly liberating in terms of quality and design. Explore the site we are proud to be masters of design.